Noocity Growbed expels all your worries of buying expensive branded food with equally no surety about the ingredients and the process. Why not taking the things in your own hands? Get productive, grow your own pure organic food on Noocity Growbed and stay healthy.

It’s has the benefits that makes it different, easy to use and maintain as compared to other conventional vegetable patches. Specially developed and designed for urban agriculture, Noocity Growbed allows you to produce up to 50% more vegetable than a worn-out conventional vegetation system on rooftop.

No need to worry about watering the plants every now and then, thanks to its water reservoir and unique sub-irrigation system that ensures self-sufficiency for up to 20 days. It not only saves a ton time but also saves water up to 80% than other vegetable patches. The constant and calculated supply of water guarantees best oxygenation of roots and optimum fertilization control, thus result in healthier and organic plants.

Noocity Growbed comes in compact flat packaging and offers hell easy assembling with no tools required.

Available at for $115