Short and well cut grass is always the sign of somebody who takes pride and care when looking after their beloved lawn, but we all have very busy lives and let’s be honest the weather in the UK isn’t great for grass. Don’t worry though as there is a brilliant alternative:Artificial Grass. It’s made from synthetic fibres which look and feel like you’ve well looked after your lawn. Artificial grass has been used in sports venues around the world to ensure that games can be played throughout the year, but more and more of us are turning to this alternative to grass to replace our naturally grown lawns. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to install artificial grass in your garden.
It’s Cost Effective
You know all that money you spent on the lawn mower, and the money you spend on the electricity to power it and the water (when it’s not falling from the sky of course), well why not invest it in artificial grass instead? There is a misconception that artificial grass will cost you an arm and a leg, but it won’t. It’s actually a very cost effective way of having a lawn. Grono is a great artificial grass company to look at if you’re looking for competitive pricing, and you can even rely on them to give you the advice you need to look after it once installed.
Easy to Look After
Artificial grass can last up to 20 years, and within that time you can be sure to have to perform little to no Maintenance to keep it looking great. The worry of needing to keep up with mowing when you’ve had busy weeks on end will be a past memory, as will watching muddy patches emerge across the garden when the UK clouds burst for weeks on end. The grass will be green all year round, and you can be sure to receive many complements from neighbours… and all that with little to no effort.
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Your Lawn Will Always Look Great
Whether you have kids playing on your lawn or your garden seems to be constantly under a cloud of rain, you can be confident with artificial grass that your lawn will look great all year round. The UK weather is very temperamental and it’s hard to predict what pressure it will put on your grass each year, but with artificial grass there’s nothing to worry about. Your next door neighbour’s cat will no longer be able to dig little holes in your garden and there won’t be any more dints after an afternoon of playing football.
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