Good lighting can make an average house look great by using the tone, balance and hue of light to illuminate all the right parts of a room. Anyone redecorating their home should examine their current lighting situation and see what they can do to improve it. Here’s a rundown on the basics of lighting and how it can transform your home without the large expense associated with most redecorating projects.

Firstly, think about what you’re doing in a space and what kind of light you need. Some rooms, especially for older residents, need functional lights in specific areas such as a bathroom mirror, a kitchen bench, or a desk. These need to be bright, and will often illuminate a large space. Other rooms and spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, will better suit softer warmer lights that help you sleep better. Balance functionality with ambience and use discretion – it’s no use trying to install soft-light wall sconces beneath blazing ceiling lights, as the latter will just wash them out.

With that said, keep in mind that multiple light sources should be used inside one room. A single bulb in the middle of a room makes a room look one-dimensional in the absence of shadow. Depending on the living space, mix things up and use floor or desk lamps and wall sconces to draw attention to specific parts of the room such as artwork, a bookshelf or a comfortable chair. Think about whether you want upward light to suit pieces like ceramics or glassware or sculpture; or downward lights which work better with a wall painting or piece of furniture. However, you should still allow for functionality, and make sure you’re appropriately lighting up a desk in the corner, a reading chair, or other areas you may work in in an otherwise ambient, relaxing room.

In order to stand out, consider having one bold lighting choice in the room, with others complementing it. An impressive light will tie together the decor of a space and gently guide guests to the focal point of the room, whether it’s a dining table, fireplace or couch. Find Striking Ceiling Lights To Suit Your Taste and function, whether it’s a hanging pendant light, a modern chandelier or track lighting.  For living rooms, select a piece with a soft subtle glow, and for the kitchen, find one with exposed bulbs that will emit a strong light.

When it comes to lighting, it’s a design element that often falls by the wayside, but is crucial in adding that touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. Take care to be deliberate with every light you decide to install – will it suit the ambience of the room? Is it functional? Does it match the decor of the rest of the house? Good lighting in a room is something that can be undone with a single bulb out of place, so don’t leave it to the last minute when redecorating your home. Give » Watch Full