Australian company Hardcore Hardware has just set their new tomahawk CTT-01.Which is a compact the lightest tactical tomahawk in the collection after HHA LFT01. A durable, comfortable and versatile tool made for various tasks in wilderness. The axe is made of a single piece of 9mm thick D2 steel with Teflon coating, the hardness is stated in the range 53-55 HRC. The handle is developed form two profiled plates with slip a notch. Cover plates, which are fixed with four bolts with T15 Torx, made of matte black material G10.

The total length of the new tomahawk HHA CTT-01 is about 243mm and the width of the handle 29mm. The length of the head of the axe from the spike to the chopping edge is 135 mm while the length of the chopping edge of only 65 mm. The new Tomahawk CTT-01 is available in three monochromatic colors (Black, Desert and Graphite) and comes for $242.

Available at for $242