In the energy consumption era, energy crises is about to hit the sky. For the abolition of the predicament, new energy plummeting technologies are being invented. EverSense 2.0 Thermostat is designed specifically for this purpose, by the Allure Energy Inc. EverSense has a touchscreen panel with Wi-Fi, built-in speakers and is compatible with all the iDevices or Android devices, whatever you have. The proximity feature is probably the coolest attribute of the EverSense which means that it can change, acclimatize and control the home environment based on your locality while remotely syncing with EverSense Mobile App on your phone. It also facilitates the homeowner with energy reduction tips and contents. You can also stream quality music from your mobile and can get the weekly weather forecasts through the app with the animated radar. Even with all of perquisites EverSense is really a thermostat packed in the propinquity control technology, quite amount of energy can be saved for our bright future.

Available at for $399