Touch Board by Conductive Bare is certainly a creative project on Kickstarter. Once its functionality is well understood, one can utilize it in a large number of creative ventures. It has 12 electrodes which, upon being touched, can produce 12 different sounds of your own choice. You can even build your own piano, emergency bell, talking alphabet wall for children, light switch or whatever your genius drives you.
Creative Touch Board Transforms Touch Into Sound (5)
All you need is an SD card with different sounds saved in and hide the Touch Board under a paper, behind the wall, beneath the table and so forth according to your fun plan. The material to cover the Touch Board must be conductive, conductive paint for instance. This touch board is arduino-compatible and HID capable fun device features a lot, such as distance sensors (no need to touch physically), Micro SD card socket, MP3 player (MIDI device to make a symphony of sounds), standard audio jack, Lithium polymer rechargeable battery. You can even program the Touch Board like Arduino, which means the possibilities are endless. Watch The Video after the jump!

Creative Touch Board Transforms Touch Into Sound (3)
Creative Touch Board Transforms Touch Into Sound (4)

Available at for $129