Blending in the speaker at home during a party is a day’s struggle but with Clio Wireless Invisible Speakers by ClearView Audio, you may not have to fight anymore. The Clio is only one of its kind invisible speakers, well not that invisible per say. The design is exceptionally slim, sleek and made of curved acrylic glass transducer with Bluetooth functionality and having mute, up and down volume buttons on the side and has a 3.5mm port to support extra wired devices. The speakers spread the rich and lucid output sound in all directions with its optically clear, slightly curved, steep display and acoustic design. It can disappear into the surroundings with no trouble. Clio also facets a 2-inch woofer and wireless Bluetooth patented technology known as “Edge Motion” and has different colored-version including dark, silver, bronze and charcoal. Simply remarkable, ingenious!

Available at for $349