Braven BRV-1
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Braven BRV-1

American Society Braven is fully devoted to the production of portable wireless speakers. Its products combine pleasant minimalist design with a surprisingly good sound. The new model BRV-1, although in terms of appearance it’s compromising, but in favor of resistance against the elements of nature. According to the manufacturer it easily withstands rain and dust. Converters are hidden behind the front metal grid and specially adapted against water damage. Side and back are protected by a thick layer of rubber connectors on the back of the special cap. Behind them lies 3.5 mm audio input, Micro-USB port (with an adapter to USB) and the battery status indicator. But the speaker is built primarily for connection via Bluetooth. It can be used with any device that uses headphones. The powers comes from 1400mAH built-in battery which can last up to 12 hours of continues wireless play.

An interesting option is to connect the two devices by Braven cable and use them as a stereo setup. As compare to its nearest competitor Jawbone Jambox, surprisingly it’s not too expensive.

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