Smartphone alarm dock ornaments are everywhere but in innovation and design they are no match to Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock for Android. If your smartphone is keeping you up with beeps and social notifications, well now its old news with the Hale dreamer alarm dock. You can get full night sleep with SmartSilence app by customizing you smartphone. The app elegantly screens your phone, mutes your random unwanted calls and keeps it silent for useless notifications, only allowing the urgent calls (specified VIP contacts) to go through. The Dreamer alarm dock provides fully incorporated hardware-software package and allow you to set morning wake-up music, weekly wake-up agenda, snooze timing, volume, a defined knob for brightness (for darkness mode) and even a special music for emergency calls. It also allows you to respond by setting an automatic text for an emergency and the receiver can retort with a particular PIN ant that will permit your phone to ring. It is fully attuned with Androids of OS 2.2 or above.

Available at for $79.99