Aggravation level of undesired external sounds is getting high while listening to the music, now you can get rid of it with the PS 20 Noise Cancelling Earphones with Noise Blocker technology designed by Phiaton that impede up to 95% of outdoor sounds. This is an idyllic solution to block the alien sounds while passing through the noisy areas. The PS 20 is compatible for all the devices that are being used for music or else.  The half-in-ear design is very stylish and lustrous with 4 separate sized silicon tips, small AAA battery for NC device to work, top notch dynamic speakers, light weight like a feather, 1.5m long cord with Airplane adaptor, excellent sound quality for all genres, well balanced, with the squashed sized remote control to facilitate your on-the-go music. The other versions like PS 210 BTNC and PS 20 BT with Bluetooth and microphones are available too. Just plug it in and enjoy listing to music of any kind, anytime, anywhere.

Available at for $49