999 Bottles
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999 Bottle

Although 999 Bottle looks like a normal stainless steel water bottle but does something special. It motivates the user to save the environment. Each time the users refill the bottle, they can click the 0-10 numbered dials on the base of bottle to remember from how many bottles they’ve saved the planet by using 999 Bottle. An iPhone app tells the users what the number means. Let’s say  you’ve saved 117 bottles! That’s equivalent to the amount of oil KITT needs to tubro boost 50 yards with the Hoff and a damsel in distress on board. You’ve saved 1,063 bottles! That’s equal to the height of the Eiffel Tower. Currently 999 Bottles are looking for $99,999 as initial investment at Kickstarter. This is the project you must back.

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