This time Kickstarter comes with an ultimate hybrid drone named X Plus One drone that offers stabilized hovering and can break the barrier of 100 kmh. Unlike multi-rotor Quadcopters, hexacopters or octocopters, X Plus One features ingenious winged design to only focus on forward acceleration. But, did we use ‘hybrid’ anywhere in the start? Well, the winged drones just care for speed and are not famous for as stabilized hovering as featured in multi-rotor copters. That’s not the case with X Plus One. It offers an ultimate experience of precision vertical flight even in windy condition thanks to its control algorithms design. The drone offers multiple options for mounting GoPro action cameras. However, being a speed demon will remain its number one feature because we never heard before about a drone taking aerial shots at 100 km/h. So, no, it’s not just another drone.

Available at for $480