Volvo XC90 is all things interior, heavenly looks cool and lets you experience great utility inside. As the official adage goes, it is “built from the inside out”. Well, the exterior strongly suggests it’s a terrific mix up of SUV and MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). Instead of being an off-road drive on rugged terrain, as most of sporty SUVs are built that way, Volvo XC90 concentrates on creating a complete comfort zone with its brilliant seating arrangements and versatility. This seven-seater vehicle does not boast insanely as per engine offers, 2.0-liter supercharged and turbocharged inline 4-cylinder producing 316hp and takes 10.3 seconds to achieve 60mph. Though not bad, a high performance transmission does brag a bit with eight speed geartronic automatic transmission.

The new Volvo XC90 features Apple CarPlay and becomes the first Volvo brand boasting Apple thing. Good seating quarters for 7 people generally make it the best family wagon. Some luxury-prone additions include 17-in display, vanity mirror, cabins for storage stuff like Eyewear, Footwear and Watches. Fold the seats to make it cozy bed-like theater as calm and safe as home.

Available at for $48,900