The company Montblanc was founded in 1906. Initially it produced only fountain pens. However, over time has grown and today does not only pens, as well as watches, jewelry and leather accessories. Two words that describe the brand are the sophistication and timelessness.

Today we will focus on leather pieces from the brand. One of the new pieces in the newly launched collection is a high quality bag “Soft Grain Pannier Case”, which fulfill necessity with style when cycling. Montblanc has decided to put it on sale, because cycling is recently in world capitals is increasingly becoming popular mode of transport, leisure activities, or strengthening. Bicycle Bag Pannier Case is an innovative; it can serve not only as a bag on the bike, as well as a document bag or backpack.

These leather bags are designed to facilitate their owners and fully enjoy life. Each has a thoughtful design that can only improve their style. For all the accessories of this collection is characterized by a practical spatial resolution, revised straps for comfortable carrying, balancing form and function and not least the clean lines and elegance.

Available at for $TBA