Samsung releases their latest mirrorless NX3000 camera, a special thing for style-seeker selfie-obsessed guys. By default, it automatically airbrushes your winky selfies in Slef Shot mode. The portable NX3000 camera comes between the company’s mini and bigger NX300. The conventional mirror viewfinder is gone to replace it with flexible flip display of 480 x 320 resolution that flips 180 degrees. It features a larger 20.3 megapixel sensor, 16-50mm power zoom lens, hot shoe of NX300 and dial mode. Like other Samsung 2014 mirrorless series, this camera also feature NFC pairing, WiFi, micro SD, and micro USB port for charging and data transferring. The shutter speed is not as much as was expected, 1/4000th of a second, yet it has capacity to capture six RAW photos in one second. The NX3000 also includes a detachable flash. It comes in black, brown and white and will hit the market from June 1.

Available at for $479