On the road, it’s a shame when we don’t have a camera to record a thing worth saving (and uploading on youtube afterwards). And if we have it at all, the video quality sucks. Papago GoSafe 520 Ultra WHD 2K Dashcam got you covered from all sides. Not only you get security concerns resolved via the features like built-in G-Sensor and motion detection, GS-520 also lets you experience video footage recording of the event in 2K ultra-wide HD clarity.

It discreetly mounts on the windshield and is equipped with built-in gravity sensor which starts emergency recording once it detects any impact, like a sharp turn or drastic braking. Likewise, motion detector also triggers recording upon sensing movement when, for example, your car is parked.

Now the fun part. They claim it’s the only dashcam in the market that records footage using 2K ultra WHD 2560 x 1080 resolution video with IMAX theater quality. If it’s an overstatement, yet not bad. It also gives customizable video format in a variety of aspect ratios such as standard 4:3, movie theater 16:9 and the fullest IMAX 21:9. Multi-level exposure values lets you record footage anytime of the day with a new HDR high dynamic metering compensation. Plus, 146 wide viewing angle with 6 crystal glass lens makes superior vision in any environment, dawn, dusk or night.

Available at amazon.com for $160