There are some coolest freaks who won’t want urban ebikes like Audi e-bike Wörthersee no matter how modern they are emerging. They believe in skateboarding. The newer, more lightweight and super-fast skateboards remain the target of their exploration. Take the latest Marbel for example, the lightest electric skateboard in the world, defying the conventional style, heavy motors and bulky batteries. Interestingly, it connects with your Phone through an app which enables you to set it up-to a speed that you’re comfortable with. Almost look like a normal longboard though, the ultralight Marbel is made of carbon fiber layered with Kevlar deck while the nose and tail are built with Urethane rubber. The skateboard weighs only 9.9 lbs, a major cut down as compared to the other e-skateboards.

However, as far the battery part is concerned, Marbel Electric Skateboard features 165 Wh Li-ion rechargeable battery and take 90 minutes to recharge. Well, it slows down after taking you up to 10 miles uphill @ 20 mph. This makes its range about 50% less than the nearest competitors. Furthermore, you can also control and customize your board via a mobile app (iOS/Android). You can use the app in number of ways including lock/unlock, range alarm, mapping and sharing the Marbel adventures with friends. Apart from Marbel Dashboard App, you can also control the ride (throttle and braking) with a handheld remote control. Different modes on the app include starter mode, ECO mode, custom mode and sport mode. Watch it in action!

Available at for $1,200