LEIF gives you ultimate freedom with ESnowboard . When two adventures of electric skateboarding and the conventional snowboarding meet together, we have ESnowboard. In other words, you can enjoy the moves of real snowboarding in the downtown of your city and need not to wait for the season and go on a snowy hills. Electric part first, wherein ESnowboard has two 2000W electric brushless motors, 18 rechargeable battery cells of 3.6V each that will recharge in 60 minutes. Now the fun part, which not only lets you experience snowboarding but also skating, surfing and even Segwaying. Just like riding, sliding and carving while snowboarding, the ESnowboard has all those mechanics such as sidecut, effective edge etc. The flexible deck allows all body movements like rotation, extension, flexion to make all possible maneuvers like J-turns, C-turns and even S-Turns. Surprisingly, all of it (speed, power) is controlled by a wireless ergonomic remote control. One thing more, Esnowboard leads you to the sideways at cool 20mph and run for up to 8 miles.

Available at leiftech.com for $1,099