Although the benefits of standing desks are still in hot debates whether they really make positive differences for health or not, but still most of people who are using standing desks are convinced and suggesting other too.

JASWIG StandUP is an adjustable wooden table designed for employees, students and school children. The purpose is similar to other standing desks, to give relief to people who suffer the disadvantages of sedentary work. Despite our active lifestyle many of us are constraint to sit all the day in offices. This desk allows you to adjust it according to posture and height and when needed/tired, you can pull the chair to sit.

JASWIG StandUp are made in USA using FSC-certified wood. The JASWIG Standup comes in three different sizes, small ($299) for children, medium ($399) and large ($499) for taller adults. Also see Aspirus smart standing workstation($599), which uses sensors to track your sitting and standing time in office.

Available at for $499