Standing office concept for healthy workspace has been increasingly popular in Europe and America. Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk made debut at Indiegogo, which not only can be easily adjusted manually to support a variety of computers devices, but you can also quickly adjust the height and configuration via mobile phone APP. Of course, the real intelligence lies in the built-in sensor arrays to track your standing and sitting office work time and then companion App check your standing time and reminds to change position.

Aspirus smart is its unique sensor array system that uses far infrared and temperature sensors to determine whether you are sitting or standing.It connects your phone via Bluetooth. The app shows sensor information, combined with expert advice to develop a reasonable time for you to stand office, in order to keep up a healthy working condition. Aspirus intelligent stand-up desk is being sold on Indiegogo, Standard Edition early bird price is $499/unit and It is expected to ship in September 2016.

Available at for $599