Mobile photography has become an essential part of our lives. Seattle based entrepreneur Marc Barros has launched the interchangeable Moment Lens For Mobile Photography is the next-gen invention in the lens industry. It is a multi-element design with high competence broadband coatings. The lens is made to work with the mobile or even solo. You can attach it to your phone by a rubberized bond on a thin metal plate for mobile safety. Built-in bayonet-style design is being used to keep the lens intact and rotatable. There are two models of lenses, the moment Wide with 18mm field and the moment Tele with 58mm to 62mm field depending on the phone model by having a larger diameter for optimum quality from the frame’s center to frame’s edge. The anti-distortion lens is compatible with all the iOS and Galaxy phones. The moment lenses are of the highest quality to make the mobiles powerful picture taking device to capture breathtaking images, as Marc Barros said, “The camera we rely on the most is the one in our pocket.”

Available at for $99