The Icelandic Arctic Trucks continues to surprise us with recreational vehicle prepared to serve the North Pole expeditions. Now the brand offers a version fully prepared 6×6 Hilux AT44 ride with a camper for all who want and can afford.

The model in question does not differ practically like their predecessors. It uses the same engine as Toyota series one 3.0 liters boasting 170hp. It is in its chassis and rear where it has received all changes. Arctic Trucks claims to have made more than 300,000 kilometers in Antarctica. The inclusion of a third shaft-drive and large tires 44 inches, get the weight of the vehicle, with the nearest to 5 tons. The weight is distributed perfectly so on surfaces like snow or sand it behaves like a snowmobile. It’s easy to drive as long as we take into account the vehicle’s weight and center of gravity which is higher now. Definitely the best vehicle to stray around the world and even in the toughest climate of Arctic..

The best thing is that thanks to the agreement Arctic Trucks has with Iceland Toyota, the vehicle warranty remains unchanged despite the many changes to which it was subjected.

Available at for $Xmn