Google Self Driving Car Project
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Google Self Driving Car Project

Tesla’s not the only one to present Driverless Models yet with a steering option as well. Google has just unveiled a real time Self Driving Car prototypes, fully autonomous and completely safe on roads, with no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals. You heard it right! The very idea behind the production is that about 1.2 million people die all over the world in roadside accidents where 90% of these accidents occur due to human error. The new Google Self Driving vehicle will do jobs 100% on its own with the help of software and sensors. The sensors remove the blind spots and detect the proximity of objects at a distance of two football fields from all directions. For now, the prototype cars are built to move at 25 mph and could really help a lot of people who can’t drive. The interior is designed with respect to learning, not luxury. However, it’ll be equipped with two comfortable seats, a space for the goods, button for start and stop and an LCD to display the routes. Google is going to build 100 self driving vehicles later this summer. Given the success of this technology, Google will contact the partners for mass production.

  • Google Self Driving Car Project

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