BMW Vision Future Interaction is the concept that closes the list of the novelties presented by the manufacturer at CES 2016. The car is based on the i8 Spyder and brings a range of new technologies for the interior, redesigned perspective of autonomous driving.

First comes a 21-inch widescreen display mounted on the dashboard that once enabled autonomous driving, will be the center of entertainment on board, allowing access to the internet for any operation, from reading the email to navigation through the vision of video. Then comes the new AirTouch, a control system to gestures console the 21-inch screen. The new technology uses a series of sensors to read and interpret the movements that will be natural and intuitive.

Finally the car gets a new switch with three modes: Pure Mode for driving traditional, Assist Mode to enable auto adjustment for safety and Auto Mode for driving completely autonomous.
In this mode the steering wheel lights up in blue and then the passenger seat automatically adjusts into a more comfortable position allowing for space.
If you decide to buy a car such as this, be sure to get it well looked after when traveling to and from work, or going on holiday. Be sure to leave it in a safe Auto Vault to ensure it doesn’t get scratched or damaged when it’s unattended.

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