As promised earlier, the Acura unveiled a a brand new concept car in Detroit. This four-door coupé concept will serve as guidance for future models of the child brand of Honda group and its market in USA. The Precision distances itself from current models from Acura that are sold in the North American market, especially SUV and compact, with only a few contact points in their language with the NSX, which will commercialize in Europe with symbol of Honda.

The Precision Concept can carry four passengers. It features up by the trunk lid to the liftback style, elongated bonnet, prominent grille and high waistline, which reinforces the sportier character of this study. The Acura dubs the new language of “Quantum Continuum,” which also stands the absence of the column B. The interior is quite futuristic and very angular lines, especially a large screen on the center. There are few buttons, and the speedometer and tachometer are shown on a screen positioned behind the wheel. The Acura has not unveiled about engine, as this concept is just a stylistic exercise.

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