Don’t fret yourself over your car handling the next Polar Vortex crises, you should get your hands on the 2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Truck. This one of a kind truck was designed to engage with the bitter landscape and deadly terrain of Antarctica as Jason De Carteret broke the world record of going across the South Pole and getting back in just under 40 hours in 2011 with this truck. The Tacoma features 4L V6 -380hp TRD supercharged engine, four racing seats, a solar panel, specially-tuned transmission, fully steel body, an engine heater, 4 GPS gadgets, 4 HD cameras, 7 fuel tanks of 330 gallons capacity and Marconi suspension with undercarriage. This ultimate adventure truck is truly a beast of Antarctica and definitely “the most unique and successful concept truck ever built”.

Available at for $TBA