We know it’s a quite thorny take for you to have the flying car. Here we introduce Paravelo, the world’s first flying bicycle by XploreAir. It is a conventional two-wheeled bike that doubles as a cool para-trike aircraft. When ready to take off, deploy the para-wing to the bicycle enclosed in a backpack. It’ll start a powerful two-stroke gasoline engine and then propeller will also start rotating to take you as high as 4000 ft.

The airspeed limit is 25 mph (15 mph on land) and a full tank can make you in the air for a cool 75 miles. This ultra-light aircraft features high grade aluminum frames and carbon fiber three-bladed propeller. It serves four objectives namely, ride, tow, fly, and flamp (fly + camping). It is easily foldable and fits in the trunk of your car. As soon as XploreAir finalize the GPS enabled design, the Parajet company will help manufacture the bike on massive scale.

Available at xploreair.com for $45000