Withings is mainly known for their intelligent activity watch and weight scale but now it has expanded its portfolio with a quite handy device. Withings new Thermo thermometer will be able to quickly measure the actual temperature of your children or your family, all data is stored in special applications in the smartphone or tablet.

Withings Thermo thermometer uses an infrared sensor and within two seconds it detects the right temperature of body. The thermometer contains the database of 4,000 measurements to match with the actual temperature. The temperature of the room is not left unconsidered, thanks to a special algorithm which calculated only relevant results. When added to the face, just press a button on the body of the thermometer and wait for the subtle vibration which informs you of the end of the measurement.

The body temperature thermometer is displayed via LED display. All measured values are recorded in the application, to which the Withings Thermo connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Expect its release in the first quarter 2016 for about €100..


Available at withings.com for €100