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Transporter Sync

If you are not good at remembering that where you have saved your files then get Transporter Sync right away. You can access your scattered files from any digital device no matter where you have stored them. It has changed the whole approach to store, delete and protect your documents, songs, videos and other files by permitting all your devices (Windows, iOS, Mac etc.) to work as one. It offers the expediency of cloud-based storage without any hurdles and provides more versatility than its predecessor Transporter with an external USB port to plug in any external drive and get as much storage as you want. No monthly charges or subscriptions are required. You can share the files completely or selected ones with others if they have the Transporter. All the players just have to download the app or Transporter Downloader plug-in to connect and forget the hardware and just use T. Sync to manage and sharing.

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