So far décor and toiled dexterity are known, an artist will sing the praises of the 10050 Futura Craft Station created by Studio Designs. This table is multi functional and great for crafting, contemporary sketching, and drafting, in the presence of vast tempered protective glass façade, adjustable tilt up to 35° angle. It is offered in silver, blue and black clear and colored glass. The table has sturdy profound powder-coated steel frame with 4 levelers for stability and includes removable 4 side trays for supplies, major surface 38” width x 24” depth, 24 inch pencil ledge for table top material (brushes, pens, pins, etc.), 3 plastic molded additional slide out drawers and weighing 65 pounds. Futura 10051 with leg extension is also accessible. Now it’s up to an artist what’s in his mind!

Available at for $170