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Stealth-X Sled

For skiing lovers, there is no comparison of a joy ride with the Stealth-X Sled by Snolo. This is entirely made of carbon fiber to accomplish optimum performance, with one ski on front and two skis at the rear end; also made of carbon fiber, foam padded seat with the flipping back and weighing about 19lbs (9 kg). You can reach the top speed of 40 mph and have F1 racing experience (hopefully not into a tree) by sledding down the hill and you can use it to go up as well. All the vital precautionary and safety measures have been put in place in the making. You don’t go fishing with the wooden rod then why go sledding with toboggan equipment when you can have the Snolo Sled. Just fold it, bag it and carry it anywhere like a normal backpack. Keep in mind that this is a serious ride not a kid’s toy gadget.

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