That your time of lingering is over sooner than foreseen, we have The Galileo Robotic Dock created by Motrr finally available for purchase now. Galileo appears not anything like other device. It supports modern, integrated design to facilitate along adequately with all the iOS devices. The sleek designed dock can be monitored tenuously from anywhere in the world. It can be swiveled, leaned and can track the moving objects with just pilfer of your finger and take astonishing panoramic stills, have long-distance video chats and even use as a motion detector and can take cinema quality time-lapse video recording by using the Sphere app. It is capable of inestimable 360° pan and tilt at the pace up to 200°/s in any direction and it is a precious instrument to everybody as of a recreational photographer or the proficient cinematographer. The dock is available in three color alternatives and includes an Apple charging dock and a built-in USB rechargeable battery for both Lighting USB as well as 30-pin devices. Enjoy the wonders.

Available at for $149