The first and one of a kind capsule shaped SleepBox Hotel Tverskaya opened on the Tverskaya, Yamskaya Street, close to the Belarusian Station, in the center of Moscow, Russia. This project was designed by the architects naming Alexey Poliakov, Alexey Goryainov and MikhailKrymov at the Arch group architectural firm. It got the enormous reverberation in the media after the launch. The uniquely designed hotel has expediency, console along with the pulverize interiors and it has moderately affordable accommodation. The 61 tiny rooms called Sleepboxes having a shelf, small closet, LED reading lamps with electric outlets, a desk and the optional one/two beds though they don’t have any windows or bathroom. Only 5 rooms have attached bathrooms. There are communal shower plus wash facilities are located on each floor. The guests can also have an individual storage locker for person stuff. This hotel is more like an ultramodern haven in the heart of the metropolis. [VIA]