Unique and unbelievable urban transport RYNO Micro-Cycle has come to life by the mind of Chris Hoffmann at the RYNO Motors in Beaverton, O regon, USA. It took him five years to make a fully functional prototype. The most amazing thing is that it has one wheel. It can be used like any other traditional bike with some changes. If you want to gain speed just lean forward and slow it down by leaning backward and just swing a leg to move around. It features a 10 miles range on full charge with the speed of 10mph, two RYNO SLA batteries, easy maintenance, standard 12v DC socket for your phone or tablet, powerful LED headlights, RYNO charger, RYNO display stand and weighing 160 lbs with 260 lbs maximum load capacity. Don’t limit yourself to a line or traffic rush, just roam around freely. Take your RYNO on the road or a side walk, to the urban landscape or even take it to your office.

Available at rynomotors.com for $5,295