People love two things the most, uniqueness and nature. An ordinary farmhouse owner from Italy got this secret straight into his mind and turned his old farmhouse into a full-time luxury holiday units called mirror-houses. The farmhouse was built in the late 60s and has beautiful surroundings of sweet-smelling apple orchards and spectacular mountains of the dolomites. The owner asked the Peter Pichler Architecture to build a structure that offers multiple but completely separate apartments to ensure the maximum privacy of the paying guests.

The guests’ unit has an autonomous area of entrance, garden, terrace and parking. The units are provided with all possible necessary and luxurious items. Each unit has a living room, kitchen, bedroom and attached bath. The roofs feature broad openable skylights to enjoy natural light and ventilation in the rooms. To make it more exposed to natural sunlight, windows and most parts of walls are made of glass (with eastern façade entirely of glass). If you got some money on your pocket, It’s really the best hot spot to spend your holidays among the apple orchards with amazing landscapes of mountains and woods.

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