Oakley just revealed the latest version of the Oakley AirWave Ski Goggles With Heads-up Display. Including the same signature look, improved framework and inner twists, the Airwave 1.5 integrates the most astonishing design and technology that takes you to the next level of mountain-specific sports. The Airwave 1.5 tracks your stats including speed and altitude with GPS positioning. It’s meant to It features one-inch miniature display in the bottom right corner of the screen to show your stats. These goggles have 30% better battery life, improved processing speed, better graphic and playback quality along with MFI-certified Bluetooth. The goggles also feature Oakley Airwave Snow app. You can use the friend-tracking aspect, trailing maps feature and much more stuff through this app. The added wristband is included so you don’t need to take off your gloves to change song or respond to a text.

Available at oakley.com for $649