Meet Moggles (a blend of Mobile and Goggles) that offers you an immersive experience of virtual reality. And the exciting thing is that it uses your smartphone only for this job. Moggles uses the display and motion sensors of your smartphone in order to track the motions of your head. It then gives the phone display real time updates about your looking directions. The combination of custom made adjustable lenses and the smartphone screen (integrated with the app) makes you feel inside an actual experience. Moggles is for any smartphone with a display size of 4″ – 5.7″ or any phone that has dimensions of 160 x 80 x 10 mm. Works for both Android and iOS devices. It’s really a cool experience to enjoy a 200″ screen having full entertainment console. Moggles headset is portable, lightweight, foldable and comes with a hand controller that has all action buttons. Checkout the video!

Available at for $129+