Ever Watched Steven Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’ back in 2002? Tom Cruise waving his hands in the air, opening, swapping and closing virtual windows, receiving and sending information to the headquarters? Well, Microsoft introduces a new full-3D augmented reality headset, Microsoft Hololens, and makes technology more personal and touchable. Hololens is not as bulky and spacious as oculus rift, nor as thin as Google Glass to make you one-eyed ghost but sleek, lightweight and slightly bigger than glasses. Its hi-def see-through lenses incredibly allow you to make 3D images (holograms) anytime, anywhere quite like a future scientist.

Microsoft Hololens has its own sensors and processors (hell, a completely new HPU or Holographic Processing Unit), thus no need to tether to your smartphone or computer. Microsoft plans to debut Hololens alongwith new Windows 10 so that Hololens’s holographic computing may find its best relevant OS. Now, be ready to transform your home into an immersive Minecraft environment by drawing virtual objects, maps, docs or anything you want. But, beware of the fact that it’s not just real time holographic experience, as Microsoft wants to assume it, because the images come from a pair of goggles and do not project in actual room.

Available at microsoft.com for $TBA