Microsoft’s newest device, The Microsoft Band is meant to keep you healthy and productive. Powered by a new Microsoft health software, this smart band is part fitness band, part computer, part mobile Twitter and stock-checking gadget, the Band is a mix of things. The Band is built superbly and the display is such a crisp. The device works with multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and of course, Windows Mobile OS, so users won’t feel locked in on a particular companion phone. The Band can track heart rate with 24 hour tracking, steps, calorie burn, sleep quality, UV Index, and has built-in GPS. It supports smart-watch features like text messaging, incoming call notifications and social media updates. If you pair the Band with a Windows Phone you get Cortana access for voice-activated controls. Battery life for the Microsoft band is rated at 48 hours and is also dust and splash-resistant.There are only two buttons, and the Windows Phone-like tile interface is fairly intuitive to use by tapping and swiping. You can download actual workouts and the Band will guide you through your sets and rest time. It also has a GPS radio so you can go for a run and have your route and pace tracked; the data can be synchronized to RunKeeper or MyFitnesssPal. Once more apps are available for the gadget. Band is a capable and fun device for it does quite a lot.

Available at for $200