Magpul Ronin1125R Motorcycle (1)

Magpul Ronin1125R

It’d not be false to say that Magpul Ronin 1125R stands in the line of desirable motorcycles which have the wide opportunities to transform into anything. Magpul Ronin 1125R was first a conceptual bike developed by Magpul, a company well-known for manufacturing of firearm equipments. The appreciation by bike lovers pursued Magpul to take it seriously and the reaction appeared as a new bike-dedicated company called Ronin Motorworks.

Ronin is the bike names after the Japanese legend, the 47 samurai, who lost his master. The purpose to name the bike after the legend is to pay homage to the 47 Ronin story from feudal Japan. This bike boasts a Buell v-twin engine. Magpul plans to keep the production limited to 47 rides. First release will make its debut in mid-2013 with original concept’s black and silver paint job. And as mentioned about transformation opportunities, Magpul will allow customer to pour their wants into development at different price levels.

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