You think your Smartphone can do anything, well think again. Laser Add On called Spike is the new revelation designed by ikeGPS. You cannot get the correct measurement picture with precision by normal Smartphone camera. But with Spike accessory you can have the exact measurements and 3D modeling picture (by using SketchUp) of your desired object. It uses a laser, GPS, a 3D scope by using Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone via using its own rechargeable battery and can take picture from 6 feet to 600 feet away (plus or minus 8 inches). The Spike is adaptation that appends to the back of a Smartphone and put together unswervingly with software on iDevices to make it promising to gauge items and structures. This is way better portable than other solutions.  You can finally get rid of the tape measure and avoid all the pain in measuring greater distances and structures.  Estimated shipping will start on May 2014 but you can preorder now.

Available at for $499