Lantern is a cutting edge technology for bringing offline version of internet to the humanity. It is a small portable device but it could mean a world to those who want free and uncensored access to news, weather, books, videos and audios. So, how it works? You must have heard of Outernet, a global wireless community network aims to provide free access to its digital media archives to all parts of the world. So, what Lantern does? Lantern is a portable Outernet Receiver that uses radio waves broadcasted by Outernet from space and turns the signals into digital files. Connect your WiFi enabled device with Lantern’s WiFi hotspot and explore the internet “offline” quite like a boss. It promises a 2 MB/day broadcasted data on a new frequency which can boost up to 200 MB/day if plugged into a satellite dish. To save your web content, it also has an internal storage of 8 GB. Last part is amazing. It features solar power capability that not only gives it 12 hour battery life but also offers you to charge to mobiles phones. Guess what, call it a “free internet pool” that constantly receives free data from space. It simply is a ‘Shut up and take my money!’ thing.

Available at for $99