How handy it would be to carry a comfortable beanbag in your pocket. LamZac Hangout serves this purpose well. Dutch industrial designer Marijn Oomen designed this convenient beanbag which you can inflate in a few seconds.

But how does this ingenious thing work anyway? Consider a large plastic bag that you want to fill with air. The principle of the Lamzac Hangout is actually exactly the same. You fill the Hangout with air by waving it against flow. A clip attached to opening-end rolls around so that the air cannot escape. Perfect right?

The Lamzac Hangout (€64.95) is super convenient bean bag for vacations, beach visits or camping. Even you can use it as casual sitting arrangement in home. Because of the lightweight material you can carry this in your bags.

Lamzac Hangout - Instantly Inflatable Bean Bag

Available at for €65