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Impossible Instant Lab

That’s really instant and that’s really possible with the Impossible Instant Lab to turn your digital images into an actual photograph in no time. Select any image from Instant Lab iOS App (free) installed in your iPhone, put your iPhone onto the specified cradle, and slide open the shutter. As you receive a signal, push the button and here’s your photo ejecting out of the lab. Collapse the tower and this portable thing is ready to accompany you in your trips. It was a day when we used to be put on waiting to see the pictures filmed in market labs. This compact device is different in the sense that it’s analog and a pure illustration of photochemical process, unlike other instant printers which are digital and spray ink onto paper. The super-quality 4 element coated glass lens supported with featured shutter mechanism outputs the unique hi-res shots right away. The device is compatible with iPhone 4,4S,5 and 5S.

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