Space10 is a division of IKEA that gives birth to smart ideas. The latest drop by lab is the technology we desperately need now. Its a table that recharges smartphone out of heat. Heat harvesting is a long-researched area but first time we’ve got something that can solve a big problem. Right now our motherland has about as many mobiles as the population is and we need to charge them continuously.

The Space10 has solution to it. The idea behind this is that certain materials can convert heat to electricity. The material absorbs heat and let it through a thermoelectric generator. The generator converts heat into electricity and then leaves to wireless charging port. Besides charging smartphone we might be able to use that heat-transformed electricity to keep our food heated or to power other home appliances. What if they manage to make a compact device to harvest heat from those appliance and covert back to electricity to keep working? Adopting such technology can solve both our energy generation problem and footprints we’re leaving right now. Possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately the thermoelectric table is not yet available to purchase. But If you want wireless charging pads IKEA is already selling them. Single charging pad for $49 and then there is triple charging pad for $141.97.

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