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Hp Chromebook 11

With the collaboration of HP and Google, the old design of Samsung Chromebook released in 2012 has now been reconstructed in 2013 to give you more features in lesser weight and better user experience. Introducing, Hp Chromebook 11, a composite of high-end features that essentially present a sleek design with 11.6″ screen, sturdy magnesium frame so it wouldn’t flex while you hold it from edges. it’s having the same ARM-based Exynos 5250 processor as its predecessor had, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of SSD storage and it can stand up for even 6 hours straight. Interestingly, in this model there’s an integrated micro USB port so that you wouldn’t have to worry about huge power brick, you can use the old android charger for this purpose now. via [CNET]

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