This is a beautiful house of blue tinged glass and everything in it made of glass, designed and constructed by Santambrogio Milano, in the premises of Milan, Italy. This is a series of Concept Glass house that transports excitement of nature right into the décor. If we take a bird’s eye view, it’ll feel as a blue-tinted glass cube rests in a snowing woods clearing. They have used 7mm durable glass to make everything of the house such as furniture, stairs, doors and bookcases etc. Just a few things on bed are not made of glass, as if sleep is not compatible with glass. Such transparent modular housing is apt for any location must be immersed in the heart of nature. You can turn the glass panels of walls into matte with remote control as per your mood. Last but not least, you can also customize the size of the house by its flexible modular transparent beams and columns according to your need. A replica Glass House is also under construction in Paris by the same architect.