Many clever minds think it’s useless to purchase a pricey eyewear because they are predestined to be lost at a time near or far. They don’t even cross the limit of, say $15, for glasses. Thanks to an Australian Company Tzukuri to bring this all shit to an end. The Tzuruki Sunglasses features a tiny solar powered Bluetooth Low Energy chip integrated in the frame rim. You iPhone keeps monitoring the location of the glasses and lets you know if you have left them in a restaurant or anywhere.

An app on your iPhone will display a map to let you relocate your beloved Tzukuri sunglasses easily. The first alert comes when you are 16 ft away, and second on 32 ft and then 50 ft.  On the other hand, if you have forgotten your iPhone somewhere, the app will give a loud ring.

With regard to diverse design forms, Tzukuri offers six different models in three sizes. Each frame is fitted with quality polarized and handcrafted in Japan. The lenses are anti-scratch with 100% UV protection.

Available at for $TBA