Emo-Bike has designed an eccentric Feddz Electric Bike, shaped like a normal motorbike in which the 23-liter gas tank is transformed into a 23-liter cargo space. The 48-volt Lithium-ion battery is fixed into the lower rear sector and two belts are positioned right above to keep things secure. You can even charge your phone or other device via USB port while riding the bike. It features an energy-saving LED light with Phillips heavy duty head lamp, rear lamp and indicators providing you the safe drive during dark. The bike can travel 70km to 110km distance in one go with the top speed of 45kmph. Remove the battery and plug it indoors for easy charging. The battery takes 5.5 to 7 hours to recharge and it has guaranteed 500 recharging cycles.

Available at feddz.de for $9,700