Experience the Swiss Apls while staying at Eco-Friendly Whitepod Hotel. Located in the village of Les Cerniers, this luxury hotel in addition to its central building features fifteen geodesic domes, serving as luxury cabins to accommodate guests and provide a different experience. This retreat is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters, it is more than welcoming. Not only for its luxury domes, but because it is surrounded by pure and native nature. There are seven kilometers of slopes that extend around for snow sports in winter, or to go on incredible walks during the summer.

Visitors have the opportunity to tour the place either in skiing, snowboarding, sledding or hiking to enjoy nature at its maximum power. The only motorized system that connects entire hotel is to the ski lift that takes the public to highest peaks of the hills surrounding the hotel. To offset the cost of energy used by this system, the Whitepod eco-hotel depends on renewable sources to produce the electricity needed. The stay can be made in the housing of the mountain, or in one of 15 private cabins. Designed with the look of a modern igloo with perfect symmetry based on triangles, possess a structural skeleton that provides maximum support with less material usage. Each dome provides the same but better amenities than a regular hotel, and have a system of single wood stove.

The activities offered to engage guests are not just linked to the winter snow. The hotel is also open during the summer and it has tennis courts, badminton, table tennis and outdoor excursions. Being far from urban areas, the place is not contaminated by gases and sounds of the city and nature is in a state of purity. This resort has a policy to reduce water use and electricity to prevent waste; and also it makes use of renewable energy. For this Whitepod has received the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 20015.

It goes without saying that people who visit this Resort are more than lucky. Not only they enjoy the convenience of their services and nature, but also return with a environmental awareness.

Available at whitepod.com for $TBA